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Current Publications and Reports


These documents and reports have been released between January 2006 to the present. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, either check the Pre-2006 Resources page, Archived page (2006-2011) or contact the office at or (519) 622-7122.



Local Labour Market Plan

The Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) summarizes the results of local labour market planning consultations. These consultations are facilitated by WPB, held throughout the year as well as information gathered through regular community outreach eg. regularly scheduled meetings with various community organizations, employer surveys, one-on-one key informant interviews, etc. The LLMP highlights those labour market development trends and issues which have been identified by the community as being of the highest priority for action. It acts as a vehicle to provide opportunities for community partnership development and also avoid duplication of effort by reporting on actions already being taken.


Local Labour Market Plan 2014-2017

    LLMP Update Report 2014-2017 (Released October 2015)

    LLMP Update Report 2014-2017 (Released October 2016)

    LLMP Update Report 2014-2017 Update (Released October 2016)



Bi-Annual Labour Market Report

Download your copy of the Bi-Annual report on the Local Labour Market. January 2018 Edition.




Job Demand Report - Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

Beginning in 2015, the quarterly "Help Wanted In Waterloo Wellington Dufferin" reports changed to include a few more details about local on-line job postings and have been retitled "Job Demand Report - Waterloo Wellington Dufferin" We are partnered with Millier Dickinson Blais to bring you this synopsis of the online job postings in the Waterloo, Wellington and Dufferin area for each Quarter in the year. The source data comes from


4th Quarter 2017

3rd Quarter 2017

2nd Quarter 2017

1st Quarter 2017


4th Quarter 2016

3rd Quarter 2016

2nd Quarter 2016

1st Quarter 2016


4th Quarter 2015

3rd Quarter 2015

2nd Quarter 2015

1st Quarter 2015


Prior to 2015, the Workforce Planning Board report was titled "Help Wanted In Waterloo Wellington Dufferin". 


4th Quarter 2014

3rd Quarter 2014

2nd Quarter 2014

1st Quarter 2014

4th Quarter 2013



EmployerOne Survey

EmployerOne Community Report

EmployerOne Full Technical Report


EmployerOne Workforce Insights

    Start-Up Businesses Insights

    Health Care Insights

    Agriculture Insights

    Construction Insights

    Transportation Insights

    Manufacturing Insights



Past Reports


Agriculture Research Report - December 2015

Over the past 2-3 years, we have seen surprising and dramatic changes in the make-up of Waterloo Wellington’s Agriculture sector. An increase in the total number of Agricultural and Agricultural-related businesses in Waterloo Wellington is bucking the trend compared to what is happening across Ontario (where the trend is decline not growth). Download a copy of the report HERE



Transition in Employment in the Manufacturing Industry – March 2012

Trying to understand where we have come from and what can we expect in the future -- A report by Carol Simpson. Please click HERE to download a copy of the report.



Dynamic and in Need of Talent - Manufacturing in Waterloo Region

This is a a study commissioned by the Workforce Planning Board in partnership with Canada’s Technology Triangle Inc. and the cities of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo on the current and future workforce requirements in the local Manufacturing Sector.



As a result of the this study a Manuafactuing Action Plan was developed and from that the Manufacturing Leadership Council was formed. Conestoga College, under a Labour Market Partnership, developed a Manufacturing Talent Strategy. As a part of this strategy, the Workforce Planning Board created the Manufacturing Marketing Strategy and Manufacturing Career Information Strategy.



Supply and Demand Study- Manufacturing Wellington

This study examines the Manufacturing Sector in Wellington County and its ongoing recovery from the 2008 recession.




Youth Employment Study

This study was initiated to provide information and comparisons in employment success among regular youth and youth with disabilities in Waterloo Region and Wellington and Dufferin Counties.




Creative Class Workers

The creative class is a socio-economic class identified as the key driving force for economic development of postindustrial cities. This research report can be used by the Workforce Planning Board's local economic development partners in Waterloo Region to support the development of economic development and retention strategies.



Waterloo Region Wellington Dufferin



Employment & Income of Immigrants in Waterloo Region

This fact sheet was researched and written by the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin. These fact sheets were created for the Waterloo Region Local Immigration Partnership – a collaboration between many community organizations and citizens. The fact sheets were funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

To see additional fact sheets in this series about immigrants in Waterloo Region, visit the Region of Waterloo website( and use the search function for “Immigrants in Waterloo Region”, or call the Region of Waterloo at 519-575-4400.



WiSe5 Winning Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Five Communities

As this country increasingly relies on immigration for labour force and population growth, and as almost all new jobs are created by small businesses, it is important to learn more about immigrant businesses and how to help them thrive. To this end, the Winning Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurship project (“Wise5” for short) built on a partnership of local Workforce Planning Boards in five communities: Hamilton, London, Niagara Region, Windsor, and Waterloo Region including Guelph. The reports from this project are below:


Final Project Report

Final Project Report - Executive Summary

Community Guide

Waterloo Region and Guelph Guide



Immigrant Employment by Field of Study

In partnership with the Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Network, WPB undertook a research project around Immigrant Employment. The project examined whether an immigrant's field of study had any bearing on the ability to succeed in the labour market. The resulting research has been published in two identical reports for Waterloo Region and Wellington County.


Waterloo Region

Wellington County



Employment Growth in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - August 2009

To assist with local labour market planning, this report was developed to identify the top 3 to 5 industries in the area poised for future growth. WPB developed this report for the Region of Waterloo Forward Community Infrastructure Group which consists of local employers and community leaders in the Waterloo Region. The report will be distributed throughout the community.



Healthcare Workforce Forum #2 Final Report - August 2009

This is the final report from the second health care workforce forum which was held in June 2009. The report identifies proposed actions put forward by health care stakeholders to try to address local workforce shortages.



Non-Traditional Careers for Women - August 2009

This report captures the current representation of women working in non-traditional careers within Waterloo Region, Wellington County and Dufferin County, focusing on the top twenty occupations. Informative career sheets on the identified occupations are included in the report.



Older Worker Retention Strategies - January 2009

A study to look at how retention strategies can support older workers.



Demand for Healthcare Workers in Waterloo Wellington 2008 to 2017 - January 2008

This study looks at demand for workers in 16 occupations in the health care sector over the next ten years.



Upskilling: Workers at Risk? - March 2007

The most recent report on changing skill levels within local occupations and identifies occupations at risk.


Upskilling Summary Report

Upskilling Full Report



Skill Requirements in the Local Manufacturing Sector - January 2006

A report that summarizes and discusses the skills needs in local manufacturing.


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